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We believe in the concept of prevention is better than cure and insist everybody to go for regular health check to avoid any major Health issues.

Allergimmuno diagnostics pvt.ltd is established as the seamless link between doctors, hospitals, in-house consultants and the visiting patients as a trustworthy Quality Service Provider, attending to all their Medical Diagnostic needs.AIDPL presently enjoys a noticeable existence in the Health Care Industry.AIDPL offers a winning combination of contemporary equipment, international technology and effective personal care. AIDPL provides the patients and their families with high-standard medical care and the most qualitative and quantitative data regarding the aetiology and pathogenesis of a disease.

This valuable data assists clinicians with diagnosis, patient stratification, drug prescription, and prognosis. AIDPL is committed to "continually raise the Standards of excellence in Medical Diagnostics, by using the latest technology, through trained and qualified professionals to achieve and maintain the highest level of patient care based on proven scientific principles, administered with empathy and insight".AIDPL is developed as a repository tool to bring health to the forefront. AIDPL enables patients to access the high quality medical diagnostic services using the most advanced equipment.

AIDPL aims at developing centers across India to help Humankind with modern Medical Diagnostics facilities.

AIDPL only uses vacutainers for blood drawing. This vaccum based system omits contamination. Hemolysis ensures 100 % hygiene. We have trained phlebotomists who are on the move 24 hrs for home collections. All lab reports are given the same day. Hormones and other special tests are given out in 3 hours time. Whereas all other labs give reports only by late evening. AIDPL has fully automated lab equipment; hence the accuracy levels are very high.Referal lab in Kolkata , NABL lab in Kolkata , Allergy test in Kolkata , Blood tests lab in Kolkata , Pathology lab franchise in Kolkata , Best diagnostic centre in Kolkata

AIDPL has full time expert doctors in various fields for reporting, pathologist, biochemist and microbiologist.

Allergimmuno diagnostics works in field of Clinical Biochemistry, Serology, Haematology & Immunochemistry departments are using fully automated instruments. It is our aim to serve the people of Kolkata and its neighbouring area. We believe in best patient care and keeping long term relation with patients and families regarding their diagnostics need.

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